Carnival of Flowers week is over and Spring Bluff Railway Station was again at its best.   Visitors from near and far were delighted with the prize-winning display created and tended by the Caretaker Craig Ritchie.  


The twice daily passenger trains from Toowoomba were very well patronized and young and old thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the train ride - especially the tunnels along the route.


The Spring Bluff experience has visitors arriving happy and leaving even happier due to the atmosphere of the beautiful gardens and the special warm welcome everyone receives.  “Acting” Station Master Ralph Hickey was always on hand to welcome all with a song and dance, while “Lad Porter” Pat McGovern made sure the station platform remained spick and span.


Largest crowd for the week was on the Sunday 22 September with two full trains, many buses, and of course “Big Band at the Bluff” with the Jim Miller Big Band.   This continues to be a crowd pleaser and it has become a very popular day during Carnival week where people can relax and “chill out”.


Caretaker Craig Ritchie's gardening skills earned first prize for Spring Bluff Railway Station in the Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Public Places and Businesses category of the 2013 Chronicle Country Garden Competition.

Well done to Craig for making Spring Bluff's gardens a 'must see' for visitors.




 NOTE: Due to the historic and undulating nature of the site, it is not
wheelchair accessible.

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